rebecca buckley dating new york city - And aj dating

Ready to Perform with @mollieking again so excited 😆😜..

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In the next morning, Callie goes in to check on him - only to see that AJ stole spray paint and took off.

When Rafael finds out what Callie did and what it cost the center, he is rendered no choice but to fire her.

"AJ and I are physically very close all day and that's such a huge part of the dancing," she explained. Were really close friends now."Thankfully, the couple have more important things to think about than romance rumours - last night they danced a stunning foxtrot.

The BBC presenter appeared to confirm Mollie King and AJ are dating, despite the duo never speaking about being together.

After getting to know AJ a little better, Stef and Mike agree to have Mike foster AJ.

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