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One place this could rapidly come on the scene is organizations with several young families in rural America where distances are large, and the younger generation is comfortable with the virtual platform. Page A1 by Andrew La Vallee talks about the interactions of “real” dogs with robotic dogs, and with Roomba vacuums.

A recent front page Wall Street Journal article, “When Dogs and Robots Collide, Somebody Needs a Talking To”. In response to this article, we created a page, “Pets and Other Animals Interacting With Robotic Virtual Pets and Other Robots“, pulling together several sources of information on interactions between real pets, wildlife, birds, and other animals with robotic animals and similar devices.

For example, the ability to pass previously coded messages (such as “I like your hair” means “put 0 on Seabiscuit in the 6th”) between two authenticated avatars.

Not exactly Disney’s intentions. But that is true of most technologies. We anticipate other virtual worlds to follow, especially because it is a way to monetize virtual worlds (sell bracelets, charms, collectibles) that have both “real world” and “virtual world” uses.

Plus when those objects are worn in public, people ask about them, and even more are led to their online world. Not only are real banks struggling with sub-prime mortgage problems, Second Life is shutting down virtual banks that were failing to deliver high returns they had promised their depositors. Many players convert actual dollars into “Linden dollars” to deposit in their virtual bank accounts and use in the game.

Linden announce yesterday’s shutdown two weeks ago.

Players started coming into the banks to withdraw their money. “Linden essentially acknowledges that the financial services being offered in its virtual society have evolved to the point that they need to be regulated by the real world.

It includes several very interesting videos, scientific research, and anecdotal evidence. Reports Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom launched in 2005 as part of the 50th anniversary of Disneyland. Marketing for Nexon says, “We sell experiences, not packaged products.” Nexon’s success with a twist on the old razor model where you give away the razor to get the customer to buy blades from you, now has many other game publishers considering getting a shave.

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