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Britain does not class the YPG as a terrorist organisation but has investigated anyone found to have joined the group and charged some with terror offences.Relatives believe British officials have so far been unable to visit Mr Robinson in jail to offer support and check the conditions of his imprisonment.

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"They are vulnerable and developing physically, emotionally and sexually.

"Their willingness to engage in this activity is neither here nor there. "Very early in your communication with the complainer he indicated he was under age.

Alexander Gemmell met the 14-year-old child in the grounds of a derelict hospital building despite knowing he was under age.

He lured the boy to a waste ground for a secret sex session during a festive visit home to see him family.

Turkish media reported that security forces had found photos of Mr Robinson on social media showing him wearing military fatigues alongside members of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Syria.

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