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Because if you strip them naked and bend them over, from behind they look like a fifth wheel. Why do you think they are always looking down from their windows with a big AZZ grin on their faces and then mash the petal trying to get beside you for another look, Not the only thing their peeking at ladies, see right down your cleavage, Hello!

To the uninitiated, a fifth wheel is the flat plate on the back of a tractor that the trailer hooks to.bryan AZ License it is then. Big bed, fridge, tv, stereo, all the comforts of a bedroom almost, yes I dated a driver.

I think it would look funny if I drove my little yellow car to a truck stop at night.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Now you all have given me even more terms to contemplate....hmmmmmm Sure hope the Georgia trip ain't tooooooo rough for my friend...although he would never partake in such dubious dealings I know! I remember my ex when I drove just feeling my leg and I could not even push the gas pedal down so how the heck could you do anything while driving?

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Things like Lot Lizards, Pickle Parks and Highway Hummers. I can remember hearing about Lot Lizards and Highway Hummers (we call Road Skull) when he and a bunch of his other trucker buddies would be sitting around drinking. Crash and S C make very valid points....just ain't gonna work! Pickle parks are highway rest areas, i think their called that cuz alot of gay guys hang out at some of heard of a gator or 4 wheeler?

In addition, Jenni is a PAIRS® certified instructor and hosts workshops and retreats to help couples emotionally enrich their relationships. This week, she excoriates the latest pill for women, one that tries -- and fails -- to restore women's libido chemically. Jenni Skyler, who was named the 2010 Young Careerist in the annual competition organized by Boulder Business and Professional Women!

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