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It could be serious or funny, on point or off the wall. Conodonts (Greek kōnos, "cone", odont, "tooth") are extinct agnathan chordates resembling eels, classified in the class Conodonta.The still unnamed Cambrian Stage 10 can be defined as the first appearance of Eoconodontus notchpeakensis.

It’s illegal to keep sturgeon after they've been caught since they’re registered as a threatened, protected species.

They’re nicknamed dinosaurs as they’ve survived two ice ages and have been around for over 65 million years, with some being measured at 12-feet and over 1000-lbs., with a life expectancy around 200 years." How massive?

The organisms range from a centimeter or so Figures 1, 2. The three forms of teeth, i.e., coniform cones, ramiform bars, and pectiniform platforms, probably performed different functions.

Conodonts from the Deer Valley Member of the Mauch Chunk Formation, Keystone quarry, Pa. Polygnathus sp., Pa element, upper view, reworked Late Devonian to Early Mississippian morphotype, X140. For many years, conodonts were known only from enigmatic tooth-like microfossils (200 micrometers to 5 millimeters in length), which occur commonly, but not always in isolation, and were not associated with any other fossil.

It could be a report from another city’s media following a game.

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