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As anyone who has series can attest, the documentary is arguably the most addictive and riveting show Netflix has ever released.

MUST SEE: The math they don’t want you to see: i Phone carrier trade-ins are always a bad idea If you haven’t yet seen the show, set aside a few hours and prepare for some of the most compelling an thought-provoking TV you’ve ever seen.

James Lenk Arguably one of the more controversial figures in the show, Lieutenant James Lenk was accused by Avery’s defense team of planting evidence in an effort to frame Avery.

Specifically, Lenk was accused of planting Hallbach’s key in Avery’s bedroom and planting an incriminating shell casing in Avery’s garage.

Today, Kratz lives in Superior, Wisconsin where he, believe it or not, now works as a defense attorney.

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