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To get enough money for an i Phone is actually quite easy. It seems Chinese youth are wild about Apple products (Some people blames the phenomenon on their vanity and peer pressure).

Girl: You said I don’t cooperate with you, Isn’t that what you are talking about? He went all the way to Hunan province to have the operation done and came back home with an i Pad and an i Phone.

Man: yes, you still can’t not capture men’s heart in bed, I will teach you Man: It will be useful in the future Girl: I can capture on the floor Man: You can’t capture on the floor Girl: Especially girls like you looks pretty good, if even better at sex, no man can escape your hands. Man: Of course, or else I will ask you out the 2 time. Early this June a 17-year-old high school student from Anhui Province had his right kidney removed and sold for money to buy an i Pad and an i Phone.

i tried it on she rejected me as she had a boyfriend.

one night in the club i kissed her she again pushed me away but the next day she called me and said her and her boyfriend were over could i give her a lift.

I'm not sure about the old fashioned, wait for sex anymore?

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