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“The armchair meteorologists who continue to insist this is all just weather are starting to sound a little bit like Aunty Mabel expressing surprise at her remarkable luck in boardgames,” Professor Allen said.

Those with more open minds are asking, ‘Is this the new normal?

Met Eireann forecaster Joanna Donnelly told RTÉ's Morning Ireland that "treacherous" conditions are expected over the coming days.

Warm, humid air carried by strong south-westerly winds influenced by the Atlantic jet stream dumped huge volumes of rain over the hills of northern Britain.

It began in earnest with Desmond, a fierce Atlantic storm that dropped 13.44 inches of rain at Honister Pass in Cumbria between 6.30pm on 4 December and 6.30pm on 5 December – a new national record for rainfall accumulation in a 24-hour period.

"It will begin to cloud over in the south-west later today with some widespread rain and that is when things will get tricky.

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