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While his friendship with Reményi proved to be short-lived, the one he made with Joachim was life-long.

It was Joachim who encouraged Brahms to meet with Robert and Clara Schumann in Düsseldorf, an event that had considerable impact on the course of Brahms’s life.

Moreover, along with the positive expectations that the article created, it also generated some skepticism in musical circles: in the past, Schumann’s predictions concerning young musicians had been undeniably wrong.

Nonetheless, thanks to the help of Schumann, by the end of 1853 Breitkopf & Härtels had published six of Brahms’s works.

He later perfected his composition skills by carefully studying the music of leading classical composers, such as Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn, and also by examining music dating as far back as the Renaissance, which was a rare interest during an age in which even the works of Bach and Handel were neglected.

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