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For example, a High Holiday seating module, Aliyah blessings, and a Yahrzeit module are all features that you’ll only find in synagogue software.

If your synagogue is using outdated technology or a spreadsheet to get by, you’re missing out on these customized features, not to mention all the other standardized functions—such as attendance tracking, calendar, donation, membership management, etc.—that all houses of worship can benefit from.

if clients don’t ask for change, the vendors may not adopt it.” For proof, look no further than the church management software sector, which has hundreds of vendors competing with each other for customers, spurring innovation and competitive pricing.

Synagogues have unique needs that can be addressed by synagogue-specific software.

Through educating their pupils on traditional southern African music and incubating bands, the Laviolettes are aiming to cultivate a love within the community for the marimba. “The business has grown organically over the years as more and more people hear the student bands and want to learn to play marimba,” Rakefet said.

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